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Silhouet-Tone offers The multidimensional response to challenge cellulite

Comprehensive program to combat all body UNSIGHTLY CELLULITE AND FIRM AND TONE THE SKIN!

• Cellulite • Skin tightening • Increase cosmetic product penetration

The ideal SOLUTION for

Targeted treatments adapted to each area of the body

Providing an answer to every need smoothing, toning, firming & drainage

Tailor-made programs


For 360° care of all body shapes and types!

What is cellulite ??

Cellulite is fatty deposits or adipocytes found in the subcutaneous within fibrous connective tissue of the skin. The appearance and aggravation of cellulite is a vicious cycle: When the body increases in volume, the adipocytes enlarge and crush the blood vessels, preventing the elimination of toxins… the more adipocytes there are the substandard the circulation impacting the lymphatic system and the skin’s retention of water. Thus increasing its appearance.

How to Spot it!

• Inflammation • Localized fatty deposits • Loss of firmness • Pain


4 essential technologies for the treatment of cellulite

4 ergonomic treatment heads

Target ALL problems related to cellulite by combining the most efficient medical-aesthetic technologies on the market.

Photopneumatic Massage

The suction and massage movements provide a draining effect, which improves blood and lymphatic circulation. The connective tissue bands surrounding the fatty deposits that are responsible for the padding of the skin are relaxed. It strengthens the natural capacity of cells to eliminate waste and fatty deposits. The appearance of the skin appears smoother and firmer.

The Wave 7 treatment heads

glide directly on the skin using a specific water-soluble product, while respecting skin physiology:
The results obtained are sustainable in a healthy way.

830 nm infrared LED

Based on the principle of infrared bio-stimulation, they penetrate the subcutaneous tissues without heating the epidermis.
Under their action, the natural mechanisms by which the body regenerates itself are stimulated and cause various physiological reactions, hence the term «infrared bio-stimulation».
These are short electromagnetic waves that heat the skin from the inside out, making it more pliable and more receptive to the rolling action of the treatment heads, stretching the fibrous bands safely. This technology is integrated into the rolling feeler head.


The Ultrasound produces a local warming of the fatty layers and acts on the blood and lymphatic circulation. It stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen.
The production of a micro-massage, by vibrations and molecular micro-movements causes cavitation, helping to eliminate the fat deposits and waste from the body. Increasing membrane permeability and product penetration. Ultrasound can be used alone, or in addition to the Photopneumatic Massage technique.

Toroidal Radiofrequency

Therapeutic temperature is reached quickly and maintained allow for a more effective treatment. Produces a controlled and gentle heat that rise the temperature of the dermal tissue between 40°C and 44°C, causing a pleasant and comfortable feeling of warmth.
A controlled inflammatory response is created which stimulates the production of neo-collagen. The remodeling of collagen is initiated, the texture of the skin is improved, it regains its elasticity. It delivers more even heat over a wider area and at a controlled depth, penetrating to the dermis and subdermal layers.
Accelerates collagen synthesis as well as subsequent remodeling. This radio frequency makes the treatment more efficient & comfortable.

Clinically proven results

Subject A - zone 1 - abdomen

Skin firming – Improved skin texture – Tissue smoothing – Drainage

Subject A - zone 2 - arms

Skin firming – Improved skin texture – Smoothing of the tissues

Subject B - zone 1 - thighs + buttocks

Improved skin texture – Improved padded appearance – Softening of the tissues Less hard skin

Subject C - zone 1 - thighs side

Skin firming – Improved skin texture – Tissue smoothing – Drainage

Personalized treatments

Combinations of technologies or single uses possible according to the different needs.

1. Photopneumatic + Infrared + Ultrasound

2. Photopneumatic + Infrared + Toroidal Radio Frequency

3. Photopneumatic + Ultrasound

4. Photopneumatic + Toroidal Radio Frequency

5. Photopneumatic + Infrared

6. Photopneumatic without Infrared

7. Ultrasound only

8. Toroidal Radiofrequency only

Working programs


Complete programs pre-configured in 2 steps to treat the 4 stages of cellulite.


• Arms • Abdomen woman and man • Thighs • Buttocks • Knees • Calves

⇒Adjustable according to the sensitivity of the area to be treated.
⇒Ideal combination of 3 technologies systematically proposed to improve performance.
⇒How to use these technologies shown and applied on the screen


Specifically developed to treat different parts of the body. Subject to more therapeutic problems in women and men.


• Pre lipo • Post lipo • Post natal • Drainage 1 and 2 • Stretch marks • Muscle recovery • Post Cool

⇒In 1 or 2 stages depending on the selected program.
⇒Combination of several technologies to improve performance.
⇒The different programs offer a wide choice of modulations according to the needs per treated area and according
to the assessment
established at the start
of treatment


Manual settings for full control of the system.
• Photopneumatic massage • Ultrasound • Toroidal radiofrequency

treats the 4 stages of cellulite...

... and problems related to this phenomenon, by combining them according to YOUR customer needs*.

* It all depends on the initial problem, the physiology specific to each individual, the attendance of appointments, the eating habits associated with a sporting activity and the stage of cellulite.

The treatment is customizable. A number of sessions and a program are recommended depending on the stage of cellulite assessed and the area to be treated (or problematic). The parameters are pre-recorded to guide the operator through the sessions. The session is animated by an educational video demonstrating the application of the technique in progress.

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