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The VE chair features a full shiatsu back massage, fold-down manicure trays with cup holders and swivel arms for easy access in and out of the pedicure spa.

The VE chair has a completely different design from the more expensive LE (deluxe edition) chair.

Black upholstered armrests, different upholstery patterns and a slightly shorter backrest are just some of the VE chair’s notable features.

Steel structure

A welded steel frame made in the USA provides each Maestro, Echo, Vantage and Simplicity arch with maximum strength to support the entire pedicure spa. Continuum is the only pedicure spa manufacturer to use a steel frame for additional support (up to 350 lb) over the entire spa base, chair and basin. The quality and attention to detail on every Continuum pedicure chair separates us from the competition and gives you total peace of mind.

Hose-free magnetic jet system

Customers enjoy an invigorating foot massage thanks to a powerful dual-flow hose-free magnetic jet. Continuum’s hose-free system ensures a safe and hygienic pedicure by eliminating internal hoses that recirculate water. The whisper-quiet jet is compatible with bathtub liners, making it the practical solution for sanitizing pedicure spas. The magnetic jet is exceptionally easy to remove. Simply remove the wet end of the jet after each pedicure to clean and disinfect.

Tilting foot support

A single adjustable footrest tilts for your client’s ultimate comfort during pedicure. This chemical-resistant fiberglass footrest is easy to clean and will look like new for years to come.

Formica Finishing

It’s all in the name. As beautiful as they are durable, Formica is the world-renowned leader in the laminate industry. Their wear, impact, water- and chemical-resistant finish give Continuum bow unrivalled quality and durability.

Respectful of nature

Designed with eco-friendly materials such as recycled metal, formica and wood, Continuum pedicure spas reduce environmental impact by using minimal amounts of plastic and lower water consumption. Continuum is the ONLY pedicure spa company to be recommended by the National Association of Ecological Salons and Spas (NAEFSS) for its commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

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