Evolution XHD

UGS : 411026

a fusion of 3 frequencies, a revolution of precision and stability for absolute efficiency

Exclusive to Silhouet-Tone


Revolutionizes the electrolysis market with its unparalleled accuracy and speed, ensuring maximum energy transmitted to the follicle for optimal results and unparalleled comfort for our customers. Uses multiple 1/1000th segments – the fastest on the market – to maximize and optimize the transfer of energy through the follicle when sending the pulse.

The evolution of refinement in high definition

The revolutionary «Vectorial» system is the epitome of modulation technology, combining different methods of electrical hair removal for permanent results, fast and without discomfort for your customers. Using a powerful impulse followed by a gradual decline, our advanced technology allows an incomparable experience with the techniques of Thermolysis (High Frequency), Galvanic Current and Combined Currents «Blend».

Explore the exceptional benefits of our definitive electricAL hair removal solution



Technique to treat the most difficult hairs for LASER and IPL, from the lightest to the darkest hair color (with and without pigment) red, white, gray, blond, very fine and duvet.



The ideal option for customers who are reluctant or ineligible for LASER and IPL treatments.



The perfection of retouching to finalize any hair removal treatment previously used.



Correction of hyperhairs and other complex and problematic hairs, for optimal results.



The ability to depilate all areas of the face and body.



Allows to bypass the restrictions related to some drug treatments, photo-sensitizers, contraindicated for LASER and IPL treatments.



For all skin colors, guaranteeing total satisfaction for both: men and women.



A treatment that is feasible without seasonal constraints, all year round.

The power of electrolysis

A definitive solution to eliminate hair

An essential and complementary treatment to LASER and IPL technologies. Definitive electrical hair removal effectively destroys the hair at its root, regardless of its pigmentation.

Optimal comfort

Our technology ensures a comfortable experience for total customer satisfaction.

Indisputable Effectiveness

Our technology guarantees an experience without discomfort for a total satisfaction of our years of experience and expertise of our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Make sure that each treatment meets the expectations of our customers.
Our exclusive technology ensures unprecedented efficiency by transferring optimum energy to the hair follicle, guaranteeing uncompromising permanent hair removal.

Vector Modulations

These modulations allow you to apply much more energy while minimizing discomfort.

  • Unique in the global electrolysis market
  • 35 years of expertise, technology used in several generations of Silhouet-Tone electrolysis devices
  • Variation of current in intensity and duration during filament insertion in the single follicle for each setting
  • Unique and tailor-made variation superior to any other competing technology
  • Ideal for Thermolysis (High Frequency), Galvanic Current and Combined Currents («Blend») techniques
  • Available for 3 frequencies : 27.12 MHz, 13.56 MHz and 6.78 MHz
  • Quick and easy access to complete pre-programmed settings
  • Ensures rapid destruction of all germ cells of the root and bulge
  • Ensures permanent results faster
  • Preserves the surrounding tissue

Custom programs and modes specific to hair removal

In pre-programmed mode

  • 12 areas body Woman
  • 9 areas body Man
  • 9 areas face Woman
  • 6 areas face Man

In hair caliber mode

  • Very fine
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse
  • Very Coarse
  • Extra Coarse

In specific hair mode

  • IPL and Laser post treatment
  • Paradoxical regrowths
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Deformed and frizzy hairs

In manual mode

All parameters are adaptable, allowing you to choose between the use of high frequency current (Thermolysis), galvanic current (Electrolysis), or a combination of these two currents (Blend)

4 modes Thermolysis according to frequencies

  • Super Flash: Ideal for fine to very fine hairs
  • Flash: Suitable for medium to large hairs
  • Slow Flash: Designed for very large to extra-large hairs
  • Pulsed Flash: Specifically dedicated to ‘‘complex hairs’’

4 Blend Modalities – Combined Currents (Thermolysis + Electrolysis)

  • Short Blend: A quick,
    short-duration technique suitable for fine to medium hairs on the body
  • Soft Blend: Low intensities designed for facial areas and sensitive regions, addressing fine to medium hairs
  • Pulsed Blend: This BLEND mode involves a continuous galvanic current passage and a high-frequency current passage in repeated pulses. Intended for body treatment, targeting large to very large hairs
  • Uni Blend: A BLEND mode with a continuous high-frequency current passage, specifically designed for the face and large to very large hairs


Combination of 3 optimal HIGH-frequencies in ONE device

Silhouet-Tone, with more than 50 years of expertise in 3 frequencies, presents its latest system offering all the frequencies recognized, effective and tolerated.
This innovation aims to allow electrolysis professionals to refine parameters, customize each treatment and best meet customer expectations.
Increased diffusion speed and coagulation, ideal for fine and very fine hair


  • Exceptionally fast delivery for optimal efficiency
  • Increased power and coagulation for superior results
  • Maximum effect at the tip of the filament, ensuring precise coagulation at the base of the hair follicle and the destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth
  • Proven efficiency on all hair types, with an ideal precision for very fine and thin hair


  • The frequency 27.12 MHz = Super Flash HF broadcast
  • Energy concentration as close as possible to the filament
  • No broad diffusion, preservation of surrounding tissues thanks to the combination with Vector Modulations
  • Minimizes the loss of energy
  • Combined with Vector Modulations, it offers a very high level of comfort
  • Faster diffusion and coagulation, ideal for fine and very fine hair
Increased power, perfect for very coarse, extra coarse and complex hairs


  • Rapid diffusion
  • Enhanced power
  • Effective on all hair types, with particular efficacy on very thick, extra thick and complex hairs
  • At 13.56 MHz, the radio frequency provides perfect stability for diffuse and safe hair removal


  • The frequency 13.56 MHz was programmed in Slow HF Flash broadcast mode
  • Targets the cells responsible for hair growth and effectively fights
    the natural resistance of the hair to optimize the penetration of energy
  • Surrounding tissues preserved thanks to the combination with Vector Modulations
  • Offers a high level of comfort
  • Increased power, perfect for very large, extra large and complex hairs
Ultra-comfortable, effective on medium and coarse hair


  • Exceptionally fast delivery for optimal efficiency
  • Power and speed
  • Exceptional comfort
  • This frequency has the ability to create a broader influence zone outside the filament
  • Effective on all hair types with an ideal precision for medium and large hair and complex hair


  • Extended, gentle and deep diffusion of energy within the follicle
  • Preservation of surrounding tissues
  • The frequency 6.78 MHz was programmed in HF Flash broadcast mode with a slightly slower pulse time and softened intensity
  • Combined with Vector Modulations, it offers a very high level of comfort
  • Ultra comfortable, performing on medium and large hair

For the 3 frequencies

  • Silhouet-Tone automatically proposes basic frequencies according to the type of hair selected
  • Depending on filament insertion depth, tissue hydration, hair thickness, skin thickness, and site sensitivity, these frequencies can be adjusted
  • The frequencies can be adjusted in case of failure and on a case by case basis, in order to customize the device as closely as possible, in order to obtain the ideal physiological reaction specific to each individual


2 ergonomic probe holders, 2 lengths (short and long) depending on the area treated
1 comfortable and flexible biocompatible return electrode
1 hygienic and safe active electrode
1 hydration electrode last generation
1 satellite 2 High Tech LED
1 pedal with integrated shock absorber
1 stylus pen for simple and easy screen operation


Screen: Large touch screen 10.1 inches or 25.65 cm

Electrical Outlets:
1 for the probe holder
1 for the return pad
1 for the active electrode
1 for satellite
1 for the pedal
1 for the hydration electrode
1 USB port for service

Certifications: CSA, FCC and CE
Power supply: 110-240V / 50-60Hz – 1.7A

Device Dimensions:
Width: 15.5 in (394 mm)
Height: 7.7 in (195 mm)
Depth: 17.9 in (454 mm)

Device Weight: 8.8 lb (4.8 kg)
Construction: Metal housing
Electronic: Microprocessor-controlled
Permissible ambient temperature: +10 to +40 °C
Permitted relative humidity: 0% to 80% non-condensing

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