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The perfect Laser for real long-term results Spirit Trio uses 3 wavelengths:

Alexandrite – 755 nm, Diode 810 nm and YAG 1064nm operating simultaneously is groundbreaking for the laser hair removal industry. It has been clinically proven to deliver faster, safer and more comfortable hair removal.
Smart artificial intelligence algorithm enables practitioners to define precise treatment parameters, optimal energy levels, flash duration and rates, taking into account Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) and skin anatomy.
The usage of three different laser beams enables the Spirit Trio to target hair follicles in different depths, target melanin and oxyhemoglobin and provide superior treatment results on all Fitzpatrick’s.

SPT: Speed Power Technology

Technical specifications of hand piece

Powerful superior laser cooling System

The Spirit is equipped with a most advanced internal cooling system with substantial advantages:

Laser Diode

Powerful and efficient

Absorption of light by skin chromophores

The graph below shows how skin chromophores absorb light. The light is turned from laser energy into heat energy that enables the hair follicle’s coagulation. The Spirit Trio utilizes three different wavelengths – 755, 810 and 1064 nm.
Effect of wavelength and beam width on penetration in light-tissue interaction using computational methods. Caerwyn Ash1 & Michael Dubec2 & Kelvin Donne1 & Tim Bashford1
The difference is in the penetration depth and coverage of the capillaries nourishing the hair follicle.

Technical specifications of the device

How the Spirit Trio works:

Hair Removal is one of the most popular procedures performed all over the world. In order to remove hair we coagulate hair follicles.
In order to coagulate only the hair follicles and not the surrounding tissues, there needs to be a difference of color between the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues.
The darker the area the more light (heat) it will absorb. The color of the surrounding dermis does not change over time. The color of the hair follicle changes according to the hair’s growth phase. The best Hair Removal is achieved when the contrast between the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues is at its peak.

The Right Stage for Hair Removal

Anagen (the first phase of the hair growth cycle) is the optimal stage to remove hair. This is because:
Spirit’s solution does not rely on melanin alone to remove hair, but also on exhausting the energy of the matrix cells and the dark hemoglobin found in the capillaries. This combination makes hair removal possible for many types of hair colors, including for grey hair.

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