Maestro Chair

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"Wow!" One word says it all. The Maestro is literally a work of art.


When it debuted in 2008, the Maestro’s distinctive design and bold lines captured the industry’s attention and continue to set the standard for high-end luxury pedicure chairs. Its elegance is unsurpassed.

Steel structure

A welded steel frame made in the USA provides each Maestro, Echo, Vantage and Simplicity arch with maximum strength to support the entire pedicure spa. Continuum is the only pedicure spa manufacturer to use a steel frame for additional support (up to 350 lb) over the entire spa base, chair and basin. The quality and attention to detail on every Continuum pedicure chair separates us from the competition and gives you total peace of mind.

Two-seat controls

Both client and technician can control the movement of the four-way seat at the touch of a button. As the customer relaxes, the technician can adjust the seat to perfectly position the feet for the next part of the pedicure.

Sewn and hand-sewn padding

At first glance, all you can notice is the striking Maestro signature look, but there’s so much more. After you’ve made your fabric selection, each Maestro seat is handcrafted by upholstery artisans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, using the finest ultra-leather and decorative stitching. Their expertise and precision ensure a consistent level of excellence. You’ll feel not only the quality of the material, but also the passion that goes into every stitch.

Real wood veneers and Formica finishes

Beautiful finishes are an integral part of every Maestro pedicure spa. From real wood veneers to Formica, the world-renowned leader in the laminate industry, Maestro finishes create a totally unique look. Wear-, impact-, water- and chemical-resistant finishes give the Continuum bow unsurpassed quality and durability. Customized finishes available on request.

Solid surface basin with foot rollers

A defining feature of Maestro, it’s simply the toughest, most durable pond available. Created from a solid surface material similar to Corian®, the Maestro basin is resistant to chemicals and cracks. Contoured footrests and removable foot massage rollers ensure a superior pedicure experience. With minimal care, the 5.5-gallon basin will retain its splendor year after year. The solid-surface tub is covered by a five (5) year warranty. Maestro’s independent double leg supports, found on either side of the pool, swivel up to support the whole leg, not just the foot. Comfort for both customer and technician is finally achieved.

Vibra-Massage + Heat

The Maestro pedicure chair features an ergonomic Vibra-Massage + Heat total relaxation system. Clients are relaxed by six (6) soft oscillating motors, embedded in the incredibly comfortable hand-stitched cushion. Vibra-Massage and Heat are independently controlled by simply adjusting intensity and location on the customer’s remote control. Vibration is integrated into the back and bottom of the seat, while heat is concentrated on the lower back of the chair, offering another degree of total relaxation.

Hose-free magnetic jet system

Pamper your customers with an invigorating foot massage thanks to a powerful hose-free magnetic jet. Continuum’s hose-free system ensures a safe and hygienic pedicure by eliminating internal hoses that recirculate water. This silent jet is compatible with bathtub cushions, making it the ideal solution for sanitizing pedicure spas. The magnetic jet is exceptionally easy to remove; simply remove the wet end of the jet after each pedicure to clean and disinfect.

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