UGS : 410136 (110V) - UGS : 410137 (220V)

Professional facial sprayer with dynamic system (ozone). Integrated system for essential oils.


  • start-up in 7 minutes;
  • 20-minute timer with audible alarm;
  • positioning versatility via
    three axes of rotation (360° column, 360° arm and 360° head);
  • fixed-angle arm for constant steam diffusion;
  • high steam output and stable, visible plume;
  • permanent temperature control;
  • translucent jar for easy viewing of water level;
  • 500 mL jar, with the option of adding water during treatment;
  • silent ozone (O3) generator; controlled ozone level;
  • possibility of activating or deactivating ozone emission (ON/OFF switch)
    robust design;
  • Biocompatible jar;
  • electrostatic paint;
  • components made from high-quality raw materials (non-toxic);
  • safety systems (automatic shutdown in the event of insufficient water level, and shutdown in the event of overheating and overvoltage);
  • LED user interface;
  • housing mainly made of 18Ga (0.0478”) steel;
  • 700W heating element;
  • amperage: 6.5 A (110v) – 3.5 A (220v);
  • CSA certification ;


  • Compatible with all current bases (with adjustment accessories): Primus (410306), Modulex (410305) or height-adjustable pneumatic base (410152)
  • Handle on base (to avoid arm apprehension)

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