Spirit UGS : 411130 Interested? Click here COMBINES THE BENEFITS OF ALL 3 WAVELENGTHS, 755, 810, 1064 nm ACHIEVING EXCELLENT RESULTS TO ANY WAVELENGTH APPROACH ULTRA-FAST MOTION TREATMENTS, COMFORT AND POWERFUL LASER TECHNOLOGY The perfect Laser for real long-term results Spirit Trio uses 3 wavelengths: Alexandrite – 755 nm, Diode 810 nm and YAG 1064nm

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Evolution 7 HD

Evolution 7HD UGS : 411016 Interested? Click here THE EVOLUTION OF ELECTROLYSIS ABSOLUTE EFFICIENCY + ULTIMATE COMFORT MAXIMUM COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY WITH THE FINESSE OF VECTOR MODULATION The Evolution 7HD sequential gives you full control of your treatments. Whether it’s with the manual or pre-programmed mode, this highly efficient device ensures a comfortable treatment. The power

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IPL Extra 818

IPL Extra 818 UGS : 411131 Interested? Click here For both permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation without surgery or any down time Permanent hair removal Facial rejuvenation Pigment spots Telangiectasia Mild to moderate acne IPLExtra818 is an advanced technology based on the relation between melanin in the skin and hair which sets the pulse

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Med-Esthetic Soli-Lite EquipmentPhotobiomodulation LED Spirit EquipmentLaser Hair Removal MPR Toroidal EquipmentRadiofrequency Wave 7 EquipmentPhotopneumatic device IPL Extra 818 EquipmentMulti-functions IPL Vasculyse 2G RF EquipmentThermocoagulation RMD EquipmentStructural Remodeling System

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Soli-Lite UGS : 411564 Interested? Click here The true science of light therapy Explore the power of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Science Soli-Lite LG4 Galileo is a third generation Light Emitting Diode (LED) photobiomodulation system, designed to treat a variety of skin conditions. Light energy will then trigger cell reaction and stimulate the fibroblasts’

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Vasculyse 2G RF

Vasculyse 2G RF UGS : 411110 Interested? Click here An exciting new service for your existing clientele A simple technique • User friendly unit • Instant results A Thermocoagulation System that can be used on all skin types, men or women, to deliver IMMEDIATE VISIBLE RESULTS. THE SKIN CONDITION Telangiectasia occurs when minute blood capillary

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RMD UGS : 411570 Interested? Click here CREATING beautY is the amazing natural process of metamorphosis by which Nature creates living Beauty. Like the butterfly. Such transformative beauty is now accessible thanks to our RMD : Structural Remodeling System, which aims to deliver improved skin appearance through the combined use of five (5) unique and

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